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Hi! I'm Amy Cardrant. Nice to meet you! If you decide to keep reading, I must warn you, I stink at writing things about myself. So here goes nothing!
   I come from a long line of sassy women, a trait I've most certainly passed on to my own daughters.  There is nothing quite like having your child spit out a comeback you know they've learned from you (sorry in advance to their in-laws...). I prefer flying by the seat of my pants, I find spur of the moment decisions exhilarating and despite my occasional clumsiness, I find there is nothing more thrilling than standing on the edge of something far bigger than myself.  I'm a vagabond at heart with a bucket list to match.  I have a serious obsession with big band, classical music and film scores, but have been known to crank anything from Hank Williams to AC/DC in my car.  My hands down favorite sessions are with young kids- who doesn't love rolling down a grass hill to the cadence of giggles and calling it work?!  My sessions are pretty laid back, no "boxes" involved... I believe families, children and love should be captured in motion, because the best stories are always ripe with adventure- why not make your life one?  If you're aching for something different from the norm, I'm your gal.  Let's go make some art!